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From Local Business to E-commerce Retailer — Pearls On Pearls

Any company can benefit from an efficient e-commerce site, especially in our digitally driven world, so having unique SEO-friendly content is pivotal for success. As both entrepreneurs and sartorial connoisseurs ourselves, Pearls On Pearls recently teamed-up with us to create the ultimate online shopping experience for their customers.

Pearls On Pearls offers a plethora of exquisite pearl jewelry perfect for any occasion. This family-owned and operated business based in the heart of downtown Los Angeles now offers jewelry in an array of colors, shapes and sizes at affordable price points – all able to shop from the comfort of your sofa.

Our favorite component of Pearls On Pearls (other than their fantastic products), is their philosophy. They believe the pearl is for everyone, at any time and any place. Their goal is to cater to wearers of all types, styles, livelihoods and generations. As the pearl has evolved into an everyday gem — for the savvy businesswoman, for the young entrepreneur at a cocktail party or for the one experiencing a milestone at her college graduation — so has their business. Combine their inclusion of all types of consumers with their enlightening and spiritual approach to the user experience, and you have one fantastic brand.

As a full-service creative agency, here’s how Picosphere transformed Pearls on Pearls e-tailer business.

Web Development: Highly functional and responsive pages with an abundance of features.

UI/UX Design: Wonderful, free-flowing and immersive design makes for a great user shopping experience.

Brand Creation: The goal was to create a fun, loose brand that would appeal to all women. The light-hearted and encouraging brand messaging pairs seamlessly with the design.

Social Media Marketing and Management: Pearls On Pearls social media following continues to flourish and grow with beautiful product photography and original content.

Are you ready to revamp your online business for the digital world? If so, visit us today at www.thisispicosphere.com and we’d be happy to meet with you to develop original creative strategies tailored to your business.

Why A Mobile Friendly Website Is Key

Across the globe, smartphones are now an essential device for everyday life. Surfing the web on your phone has shifted the way websites are developed, managed, and maintained — it’s important for your website to be optimized for mobile devices. Having a website optimized for handhelds and tablets will enable prospective consumers and/or business partners to easily navigate your brand from the palm of their hand. Here are four key reasons about why you must go mobile friendly.


Google prioritizes websites that are mobile friendly, but ranking higher on search engines is not the sole factor to consider. Having a mobile-friendly website plays a pivotal role in the likelihood of growing your sales by placing you ahead of your competitors.


Nowadays, more people use their phones to browse the web than with their laptop or desktop. With more people accessing the internet on the go, you risk losing more than 50% of your potential customers if your site isn’t optimized to be mobile.


Websites that are optimized for mobile have received engagement that nearly doubles the average traffic per user. Offering an exceptional mobile experience boosts the chances of your customers visiting your page on their computers. Also, mobile sites that can be easily navigated shrink your bounce rate, which will entice people to spend more time on your site.


Although desktop sites remain at the forefront for online shopping, mobile is increasingly on the rise. In fact, people who purchase on their phone are more likely to make impulsive decisions versus shopping on their desktop.

Today, most people browse the web on their phone, so your online presence must be optimized for mobile to remain at the forefront of your industry. So — are you ready to make your site mobile friendly? Contact us here at Picosphere to get started.

5 Reasons Why E-commerce Is Vital For Your Business

From startups to retail giants, any company can benefit from an efficient e-commerce website. In our hyper-competitive and convenience-driven market, consumers prefer to ditch the brick and mortar store to shop from the convenience of their sofa. That’s why online shopping is becoming increasingly popular for both business and buyers. But if you’re still reluctant to put your merch online, here are five reasons for your business to pursue e-commerce.


1. E-commerce Can Grow Your Brand 

Using an ecommerce platform such as Shopify can take your company from a traditional brick and mortar store to a cutting-edge brand with more customizable solutions. By offering products 24 hours a day along with online customer service, your business’ online presence can be within reach at all times, which will enable you to offer a wider range of products without the hassles of shelving and moving products multiple times.


2. E-commerce Is More Convenient  

An online store is available 24/7, which allows your customers to shop at all times, in spite of their busy schedule. Nowadays, most of us don’t have time to go shopping, so more people are constantly going online to purchase the latest gadgets at the click of a button. With an awesome ecommerce site, your business will also appeal to wider range of consumers who are in search of a convenient and flexible online shopping experience.


3. E-commerce Will Expand Your Reach 

Because of the internet’s easy accessibility, e-commerce can take your business from your local neighborhood to across the globe, allowing millions of people to easily shop your latest offerings. Also, the amount of people you can reach online in comparison to a brick and mortar store is unrivaled.


4. E-commerce Will Give You Increased Marketing Opportunities 

Your website is your business’ best marketing tool. SEO, pay per click advertising, social media marketing and email marketing can all automatically link to your website and grow your business in innovative ways that aren’t obtainable via traditional advertising.


5. E-commerce Is Scalable 

As your business grows, your product selection, target audience, and consumer demand should all grow simultaneously. An e-commerce site will allow you to scale your business accordingly. Plus, e-commerce enables you to offer more flexible payment methods, ship all over the world and so much more – without moving your products or rearranging your store.

At the end of the day, e-commerce offers your business an innovative range of sales and marketing tools and opportunities to optimize and grow your business with much less labor and hassle.Are you looking for a customized e-commerce solution? Contact Picosphere today for a free consultation and we’d be happy to assist you.

How Augmented Reality Will Optimize Your Business

Whether as kids or adults, there have surely been scenarios created in which our real-world surroundings are supplemented by elements generated purely by our imagination.

Enter, Augmented Reality (AR) — the groundbreaking technology that is bringing digital imagery into the physical world.

Innovative teams of engineers are already showing the world the groundbreaking implications that AR can have in any industry, spanning from ecommerce sites to social enterprises. AR will enhance how we communicate, learn and make decisions in the physical world. And perhaps more importantly, it will transform how businesses serve their customers, train employees and create products.

Although the shift to hands-free wearables such as smart glasses and various types of headgear is underway for utilizing AR, most applications are most practical for every day use on mobile devices — and this goes beyond the mainstream entertainment provided by Snapchat and Pokemon GO.

AR is also being applied in much more substantial ways by B2B and B2C businesses past augmented gaming and photo filtering – it’s entering the realm of improving how we make everyday decisions. For example, AR enables consumers to virtually try on clothing, check out how furniture will look in their home and customize the car of their dreams right in their driveway — all before making a purchase. With online shopping increasing at a rapid pace, Augmented Reality is now beginning to enhance the customer experience in ways that aren’t attainable in brick-and-mortar stores.

At Picosphere, we have the passionate interest of seeing how AR can unleash untapped and uniquely human capabilities. Let us help you discover how your business can deliver the ultimate experience for your customers.