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Lasting Impressions Dental

Truly making dental visits pleasant and convenient, Lasting Impressions is driven by science and art.
Marketing & Social Media, Photography

Lasting Impressions Dental Spa

Located in the up tempo center of Los Angeles, Lasting Impressions Dental Spa is a quality cosmetic dentistry hub, where you can avail trusted and authentic dental treatment at most reasonable rates. Our aim is to create and maintain an excellent and rewarding experience for our patients. Since our practice revolves around patient centric services and assurance, we are able to deliver a reliable array of services in the field of dentistry.

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Not your typical visit to the dentist. Talk to patients around LA who say they actually look forward to going for a dental check-up, and they’re probably talking about Dr. Kashani and the Lasting Impressions team. They consider themselves a Dental Spa — and for good reason. You’re treated like family, you feel at ease and their facilities and technology are unparalleled. We keep Dr. Kashani’s fanbase engaged, educated and lively on social media. 


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