Automotive Inventory Advertising (AIA)

The future automotive sales is here.

Facebook AIA

The future of automotive sales is here

With more than 800 million people using Facebook to shop, prepare to reduce your cost-per-lead by 82% by driving your ads to an on-Facebook destination.

We turn your inventory feed into Facebook Automotive Inventory Ads that drive traffic to On-Facebook VDPs. We automatically match live vehicles with prospective customers, then retarget them for a full-funnel approach! Our AIA Playbooks sends shoppers to On-Facebook VDP pages for a seamless experience and tracks all On-Facebook activity for future retargeting. This approach is successful for selling new and used inventory while engaging with users who are inclined to shop and browse on Facebook.

Key Benefits:

-You reach already-interested buyers
⁃You provide all the vehicle information a shopper needs without leaving Facebook
⁃You get instant one-on-one connections with shoppers via Facebook Messenger
⁃You provide mobile-friendly listings
⁃You get free brand exposure
⁃Completes the ecosystem between your Facebook and Instagram Pages

Eye-Catching Ads

With access to compliant OEM imagery and copy, your ads are delivered across Meta’s applications and are optimized beautifully for web and mobile. They look even better when our inventory photography is activated!

The Funnel Approach

We work with prospective and retargeted audiences within your PMA to ensure we’re building a strong base of leads month after month, continuously improving upon performance.

Tracking with Accuracy

Sales matchback gives the ability to find out how much your Facebook ads lead to offline outcomes, such as purchases in your stores, and use this information to measure the return on your ad spend and reach more people.


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