Welcome To DealerSense by Picosphere

Picosphere, an award-winning creative boutique of nearly a decade is proud to offer DealerSense — the most unique marketing package available for dealerships. Much like our 5 senses are used to connect with our environment, DealerSense focuses on 5 areas of marketing to seamlessly connect dealerships with their customers and community, all while creating immense brand exposure and generating great results. Let’s dive in.

Our All-Star Team

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Maximilian Wagner


Alexander Schmidt

Head of Studio

Sofie Schulz

Executive Producer

Maria Schulz

Executive Producer

Emilia Stein


Paul Schreiber

Post Producer

Luis Martin

Post Producer

Anna Schwarz

Art Director

Elias Klein

Lead VFX

Felix Koch

Lead Compositor / Colorist

Hannah Hoffmann

Lead Environment

Mia DuPont

Assistante Post-Producer


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